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          Our value comes from technology enabled service capabilities, including surface technology, a broad network of experts, digital tools and a tailored supply chain. Our relationships with our customers—leading semiconductor and display companies—span many decades and continue to get stronger each year.


          Here are a few examples of how we’ve applied our insights and expertise to help customers reach their goals. Let's talk about what we can do for you.
          • 40% reduction in unscheduled downtime on a toolset by using our predictive technologies
          • 5.8% increase in ion implanter uptime over a 3-month period
          • >4% average uptime improvement achieved across a fleet of 6 tools
          • 25% improved overall cycle time achieved during startup by using our advanced analytics and proprietary field support
          • 16.5% cycle time reduction on tool installs
          • 15% faster fab ramps achieved (over traditional ramps) in terms of average cycle-time days
          • >150,000 additional wafers produced on an implant fleet by optimizing PM procedures and schedules
          • >60% scrap reduction achieved on CMP tools by implementing advanced analytics, BKMs and hardware upgrades
          • 10% improved output on a fleet of 200mm Endura PVD tools by using our Throughput Health Monitor