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          For assistance with careers or job search applications, please contact:

          ?Email: staffing_inquiries@amat.com

          Investors & Analysts

          If you are an analyst or investor, please contact:

          ?Email: Investor_Relations@amat.com
          ?See our Investor Relations page for more information

          Media Relations

          If you are a member of the global media or trade press and are interested in Applied Materials technology, products, financial news or speaking with our executives, please contact:

          ?Email: Media_Relations@amat.com
          ?Phone: +1-408-563-5300


          Visit our Community Page for information about our commitment to making a positive social contribution in communities where Applied employees live and work.

          ?Email: community_affairs@amat.com

          Customer Portal Assistance

          If you are already a registered user of the My Applied: Customer Portal and/or in need of assistance with registration or other site functionality, please contact:

          ?Email: customer_portal@amat.com

          Website Feedback

          To provide website feedback, please contact:

          ?Email: www_website_requests@amat.com

          Corporate Office

          Applied Materials, Inc.
          3050 Bowers Avenue
          P.O. Box 58039
          Santa Clara, CA 95054-3299
          United States

          Phone: +1-408-727-5555