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          President and Chief Executive Officer

          Senior Vice President
          Engineering, Operations and Quality

          Senior Vice President
          Chief Financial Officer

          Senior Vice President
          New Markets and Alliances Group

          Senior Vice President
          General Counsel
          Law Department

          Senior Vice President Chief Technology Officer President, Applied Ventures, LLC

          Senior Vice President
          Semiconductor Products Group

          Senior Vice President
          General Manager
          New Markets and Service Group

          Group Vice President
          Chief Information Officer

          Group Vice President
          Head of Human Resources

          Keith Wells

          Group Vice President
          General Manager
          Imaging and Process Control Group

          Corporate Secretary

          Chairman Emeritus

          James C. Morgan has served as our Chairman Emeritus since March 2009. Mr. Morgan spent more than 31 years as a director and employee of Applied, including over 20 years as Chairman of the Board. Mr. Morgan first joined Applied in 1976 and served as Chief Executive Officer from 1977 to 2003. As Chairman Emeritus, Mr. Morgan does not have voting rights and does not receive any retainer or meeting fees.